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Custom Thermal Spa Covers Available up to 8'x8'
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Why Do You Need a Hot Tub Cover From Pool Mart?

Your hot tub can be an oasis for family fun in your backyard and a special source of relaxation, all in the privacy of your own home or backyard.

Spa covers are a necessity to protect your investment. They protect spas from the elements and help keep it in excellent working condition.

Hot tub covers are the way to ensure you will continue to enjoy your hot tub for many years to come.

Spa Covers prevent repairs

Avoid needless repairs with a discount hot tub cover. Dirt and debris can cause mechanical problems, causing filters and pumps to clog. Spa covers help to keep your spa clean, thus reducing the need for repairs. Of course, since spa covers keep dirt out of your tub, it will not need to be cleaned as often.

Hot Tub Covers reduce heating costs

Using a spa cover will keep your spa consistently warm and ready for use. Spa covers also help to reduce your monthly heating costs, they keep heat from escaping and requiring more energy to bring the water up to a consistent, optimum temperature. Go green! Use hot tub covers to scale back on the amount of energy you use each month for heating.

Spa Covers are for safety

Hot tubs can be a dangerous place for young children and small pets. Hard covers act as a deterrent to keep your loved ones out of harms way, especially when fortified with childproof latches and a strong, stiff surface.

Latches serve an additional purpose, too. During storms and high winds, hot tub covers that are properly strapped down with latches will avoid becoming airborne. Lock down your spa cover to prevent damage.