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In-Pool Logos! Fast, easy, non-permanent! Aqua Art's Drop-in Pool Art decorates your pool floor. The image appears to be tiled on your pool floor, but that's just an illusion. Installation is a breeze as you simply set one of these colorful emblems on the water and let it sink to the bottom. Its weight keeps it there, no adhesives needed. For removal, simply lift the swimming pool art off your pool floor, no draining, no chemicals....no problem. Our in-stock selection offers a wide variety of designs to suit you but we also create custom pool mats for both commercial and private use.

Click below to find most of the same designs on a 23" mat.

Small Pool Art

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Mats are made of 1/8" thick heavy industrial grade vinyl. Just let the mat sink to the bottom. Position it with the pool pole. The mat will stay right where you put it! The logo looks like it's built into the pool! Mats remove as easy as they install!

Tired of looking at the same old swimming pool every day? Want to spice things up and add some variety to the pool area? Swimming pool art may be just what you've been looking for! Pool art is a fun and easy pool accessory designed to beautify your pool area. Pool art comes in all shapes and sizes.

Pool art is not only beautiful and fun but contains other features that make it a great pool accessory to add to your swimming pool. The images appear to be painted on your pool floor but in reality are easy to move around, changing the look of your swimming pool in seconds. Pool art does not require any adhesives but are held in place by their own weight. Another advantage to pool art is the wide varieties of styles and themes available. Pool art is designed for use with most automatic swimming pool cleaners.

Mats are Patent pending.