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Category List: Lighting

Pool Mart is proud to present an extensive selection of swimming pool lights for your in-ground pool use. Imagine fully utilizing your pool in a relaxing evening or a refreshing dip on a comfortable night. They add that additional glow to finish off the beauty that your pool brings to your house at night and many pool users take advantage of the aesthetics created by adding color or colored effect to their swimming pool lights. Be assured that we bring to you the best products in the market with the highest review by our clients.

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The easiest way to transform your pool's personality is with great lighting. Clarity, color, and customizable settings are hallmarks of great pool lights. We offer a wide selection of replacement bulbs, lenses, gaskets, and accessories.

Picking the right light for your pool is important. Consider the color of your pool surface. A pool with a darker bottom, for example, will take a lot more light than a bright white concrete pool. The color of the surface will also influence the appearance of colored light. With a colored tile surface, you may want bright white light, but a concrete pool might be perfect for a multi-color pool light. LED pool and spa lighting has become the choice for lighting your water oasis. Not only for the color changing feature and convenience, but most importantly the efficiency of the LED pool lights. LED pool lights use 80% less energy when compared to other pool and spa lighting. Turn your pool into a underwater light show in a disco theme!