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The benefits of the Baquacil Pool Care System are endless. The chlorine-free formulation is gentle and non-irritating to eyes and skin, it's gentle on swimsuits and pool liners. The Baquacil Non-Chlorine Pool Care System keeps water clear, silky and soft, and most of all, it's easy to use. Baquacil features a simple 3-step, three main product chlorine-free system. The New Improved Baquacil CDX Pool Chemical System is a powerful pool sanitizer plus fights water mold and algae growth in your pool. Baquacil gives you Swimming the way it was meant to be-Chlorine Free! With Baquacil, that is exactly what you will get. Enjoy the good life with chlorine-free Baquacil!

Be sure to also check out our Baqua Spa chlorine free and bromine free spa chemicals for your hot tub.

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Here's how it works:

1. Sanitize with: Baquacil Swimming Pool Sanitizer and Algistat
2. Oxidize with: Baquacil Oxidizer (otherwise known as Baquacil Shock)
3. Maintain oxidizer residual and water clarity with Baquacil CDX

The Baquacil CDX System is a chlorine-free system specially formulated to maintain a consistent oxidizer residual in pool water. The oxidizer residual in pool water plays a significant role in removing contaminants that put a strain on the pool and keeping the pool clear all season long. Better still, this system is ideal for all pools. We were one of the 1st authorized Baquacil dealers on the Web. We carry fresh shipments from the manufacturer which is now Lonza. * We cannot ship Baquacil Oxidizer (Shock) without charging a UPS Hazmat fee. Please call us for more info. The Baquacil product line is compatible and similar to Soft Swim and Revacil Non-Chlorine chemical lines.

The real advantage behind the Baquacil brand is the peace of mind all of our products offer thanks to the brand's dependable, consistent bacteria control. And less time worrying about bacteria means more time to enjoy fun in the water with your family.

Count on Baquacil for long-lasting effectiveness against bacteria with the chemistry found in Baquacil Sanitizer and Algistat. Better still, it's more stable than chlorine, so it won't burn off in the summer heat and sun. And that means your pool maintains consistent bacteria protection day after day... true pool care bliss!

  • Baquacil is the only Chemical system out that is 100% Chlorine and Bromine Free!
  • Baquacil will not bleach out or fade your swim suits or Pool equipment (liners, etc.)
  • Baquacil does not burn off with heat or sun unlike Chlorine Products! Pool is 100% Protected!
  • Baquacil is added only ONCE A WEEK!
  • You can swim within 15 min after adding Baquacil to your pool unlike Chlorine