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The quick, easy way to test your swimming pool water!

No more vials, reagents and messy drops. Use Aqua Chek's simple, yet accurate test strips instead of that complicated liquid test kit. Just dip and read the results in 30 seconds.

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Maintaining balanced water chemistry in swimming pools is extremely important as it will ensure a safe and comfortable swimming environment while also preventing damage to pool surfaces and equipment. When chlorine, pH or other levels are out of the ideal range, equipment can become corroded and swimmers can experience discomfort in the form of eye and skin irritation. Improper sanitizer levels can also lead to a risk of infection or illness caused by the presence of bacteria as well as the growth of algae blooms.

For all of the above reasons, testing pool water is an integral part of every pool maintenance routine and should not be neglected. Pool water test kits from Pool Mart make the testing process easy and straightforward. Our pool water test kits also ensure accurate results so pool owners always know exactly what chemical adjustments are required to make their swimming pool a healthy and well balanced aquatic environment.

Pool Mart offers an extensive selection of pool water test kits and test strips, including advanced color matching pool water test kits as well as digital test strip readers. Different pool water test kits are available for testing a variety of different chemical levels and pool water components. For example, Pool Mart offers salt test strips for testing salt levels as well as Cyanuric Acid test kits. Also, many of our pool water testing kits are designed to test several different levels with just one kit. For instance, some kits will allow for testing of free chlorine, total chlorine, bromine, pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness as well as Cyanuric Acid.

All of our available kits and test strips are economically priced and will allow pool owners to stay on top of their pool maintenance routine.