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What type of pool care products do you need? Whether you're looking for a sanitizer, oxidizer, algaecide, balancer, cleaner, water enhancer or Chlorine Free Sanitizer, we can help. We feature high quality pool chemicals such as BioGuard, TropiClear, United Chemicals, and ProTeam. Browse this list below to find what your looking for. This list below contains every chemical you might need for your pool.

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Pool Chemicals: The art of perfectly balancing pool chemicals can be quite difficult to master, but most pool owners find that they are able to quickly discover the best concoction of pool supplies & chemicals for their swimming pool. It is a very important art to master though, because everybody loves to swim, and swimming pool chemicals are absolutely essential for clean, safe swimming water. While filtration assists in the removal of dirt and debris from your swimming pool, this does nothing to maintain the balance of your pool water. This is where the chemicals for your pool come in.

Essentially, these chemicals help us to balance the chlorine, alkalinity, pH, calcium and stabilizer levels of your pool water. Typically speaking, every pool, whether in-ground or above ground, will require the same inventory of swimming pool chemicals but at different concentrations depending on the size of your pool. One of the most important chemical treatments is the shock. Shock chemicals are basically chlorine or bromine that are used to kill and prevent the growth of germs, algae, bacteria, and other microorganisms. In addition, skimmers make use of chemicals for the swimming pool, namely chlorine as well, in order to maintain the safety and sanitation of your swimming pool water. Unfortunately, the use of chemicals for the pool to keep your swimming water clean tends to increase the acidity of your water making it less safe for swimming. Alkaline pool chemicals help to restore the pH of your pool in order to prevent pool water from becoming too acidic as well as to prevent the corrosion of metal parts. The perfect balance of treatment chemicals will work together to make your swimming pool both clean and safe.

The fun of swimming and the importance of safety make it very worthwhile to master the art of balancing the chemicals in your pool. Chemical treatments are a very important aspect of maintaining a pool, and while they consitute one of the major costs of running a pool, there are several effective swimming pool chemicals available at discount prices. You'll find all the chemicals you'll need for your pool at some of the lowest prices available at Pool Mart along with expert advice on how to use them