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DE Filter Parts | Diatomaceous Earth Filter Parts for your Swimming Pool D.E. Filter. We stock all the parts for D.E. Filter models from brands like Pentair, Pac Fab, Purex, American Products, Hayward, Jacuzzi, Jandy, Sta-Rite, Waterway Plastics and all others. From elements and DE Grids to orings and scoops, Pool Mart has them here. For Models not shown in the list, please send us an email or give us a call.

Please Note: When browsing our list of parts, please keep in mind they could be listed under a different manufacturer because many of the pool manufacturers have been consolidating over the years. For example: Brands under the Pentair Name include: Pentair, Pac Fab, American Products, Purex, Sta-rite.

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Something you should know about DE Filters...

A One Pound Coffee can does NOT Contain One Pound of DE Powder because of the density in coffee vs. earth differs. You are better off using a pre-measured 1 lb DE Scoop.

How often should you clean a DE filter?

Keep in mind backwashing does not thoroughly clean the internal grids of a DE filter. For best results, you should start with a new or clean set of DE grids. Upon start up of the filter, note the PSI rating of the filter on your pressure gauge. (If you gauge is faulty, it should be replaced) Once the PSI rating increases by 10 psi from the clean reading the filter needs to be cleaned. In many circumstances, a simple backwashing will bring it back to acceptable performance. Remember, when you backwash, you need to re-add the correct amount of DE again! If however the pressure does not drop, or short cycles, meaning the time between cleanings decreases, the filter should be taken apart and the individual grids cleaned. (not a fun job). You should refer to your individual owners manual for instructions as dis-assembly varies by model. As a rule of thumb, under normal conditions a filter should be cleaned mid-way through your season and at the end of your season. This way you start off fresh the next year.