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Adjust-A-Brush Scrubber Brush

With a 4 ft. Telescoping Aluminum Handle

Adjust-A-Brush products are proudly "Made In America." Only the highest quality raw materials are used in manufacturing our products. The Adjust-A-Brush scrub pad and handles are designed for both the professional service individual or the DIY. The pads, because of their varying degrees of coarseness can be used on a wide array of materials, i.e. vinyl, fiberglass, tile, gunite, marcite, etc. From the spa to the above-ground pool, to the inground pool, to service vehicles, Adjust-A-Brush has a product to meet the need.

Our scrub pad blocks are made of lightweight non-marring polypropylene that offers exceptional strength and durability. They will not leave ugly black streaks on the surface being cleaned. We offer three grades of scrub pad material, fine, medium, and coarse.

Our handles are made of premium grade drawn aluminum tubing, stronger than extruded. The tubing is anodized offering the best protection against corrosion. They are lightweight and durable with vinyl non-slip hand grips. We offer telescopic flow-through handles, telescopic handles, fountain handles and standard handles. Our telescopic flow-through handles are of patented design. The handle attaches to a standers garden hose and has a built in water control system. At full pressure, clear rinse water shoots from the brush's center without flushing soapy solution from the bristles. Our "New" industrial series is manufactured out of larger (1") diameter drawn aluminum and has a longer reach (48" - 96").

Price: $39.95

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