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Hayward Color Logic 12V LED Pool Light

Featuring a stainless steel face ring; 50 foot cord. Turn your swimming pool into an underwater light show. 7 color-changing LED light

Hayward's ColorLogic Lighting with its patented Chromacore technology combines a microprocessor with the brightest LED's available in the industry, to deliver high intensity and an extensive color selection that gives you the CHOICE to customize your backyard environment with an unprecedented 7 color-changing light shows and 5 fixed colors. So set the mood and light up the night with Voodoo Lounge, Tranquility, Cool Cabaret or one of the other color shows or fixed colors. ColorLogic from Hayward. So many choices. So little night. ColorLogic takes LED performance to the next level by incorporating the latest in semiconductor technology with a thermoconductor pad and a stainless steel backplate that diverts the impact of heat on the longevity of the light.

  • Easy to install; Maintenance-free; Long-lasting
  • No color-wheel or other moving parts
  • Lower energy usage and operating costs than halogen or halide lights
  • 30', 50' and 100' cord lengths
  • 12 and 120 volts
  • The industrys' only integrated safety feature-15 seconds of white light at startup.
  • Sealed unit eliminates the need for service calls-no need to change bulbs
  • Allows for synchronizing 2 or more lights
  • Noise-free operation
  • Fits in Hayward's Duraniche series niches
  • Price: $664.00

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