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Yellow Treat 2 lb. Bottle

Kills Mustard and Green Algae

  • Destroys yellow/mustard algae
  • Hottest formula in California & Florida, the 2 toughest areas in the world
  • Guaranteed to kill yellow/mustard algae
  • Safe for you & your pets
  • What is Yellow Treat?
    Yellow Treat is an E.P.A. registered algicide formulated to kill and eliminate yellow and mustard algae.

    How do I tell when I have yellow algae?
    Yellow algae grows on the shady side of the pool, in corners, behind ladders and above the light. It can look like dirt on the side. In a covered pool, it can grow all over. Most of it will brush off. If none will brush off, look out, you probably have metal staining. Use United's Pool Stain Treat for metals

    What benefits can I expect from using it?
    Your yellow algae will be immediately arrested and after you brush off any residue, your pool will have superior water clarity.

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