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TropiClear Alkalinity Control Increaser 10 LB Bag

Use this product to increase your total alkalinity. Easy-to-use, the granular product raises total alkalinity in the pool and acts as a buffer to prevent pH bounce, staining and corrosion.

High purity, low dusting granules, used to raise pool alkalinity to the recommended level. Active Ingredient - Granular Sodium Bicarbonate. Raises Alkalinity

Dosage: As a general rule, 1.5lbs. of Alkalinity Control per 10,000 gallons of water will raise alkalinity by 10 ppm. Make certain circulation equipment is operating before adding Alkalinity Control. Allow water to recirculate for two to three hours and retest for pH and total alkalinity. Repeat treatment until range of 100 - 500 ppm is reached for concrete pools and 125 - 150 ppm for vinyl or fiberglass pools.

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