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STA-RITE Great White Automatic Pool Cleaner/Sweep

In-ground pool cleaner that contains rows of bristles that loosen dirt and grime.

Innovation is the key to the Great White's ability to clean pools thoroughly and effortlessly. The unique bristle drive smoothly propels it along the pool floor, vacuuming dished, sloped and flat bottom pools quickly and completely. The Great White does not simply vacuum the pool's surface, but also scrubs it with double rows of directional bristles that loosen dirt as it devours debris both large and small. The inground model also works the walls. Telescopic pole may be attached to cleaner head to spot vacuum and brush small areas of the pool. 


  • Easy To Install and Service 
  • Powerfully Cleans Surfaces - gunite, fiberglass and vinyl. 
  • Unique turning mechanism that allows escape from difficult areas. 
  • 15" Wide Cleaning Path - well suited for flat, dish, incline, and hopper bottom pools. 
  • Stepped Rows of Brushes - loosen dirt from pool floor and walls. 
  • Removes small and large debris. 
  • Unidapt Handle - attaches to telepole for spot cleaning. 
  • Replaceable Brush Ring

Manufacturer: Sta-rite

Price: $575.00

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