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Ecosavr Liquid Solar Blanket Fish- Solar Heating

Ecosavr is an effective liquid solar pool cover product that greatly reduces heat loss and evaporation from your exposed pool surface.


Works 24 hours a day even while pool is in use; Does not affect chemical balance; Lasts about one month-Use 1 per 400 sq. ft. ; Ok to shock the pool while solar fish is in the pool; Safe for all types of pools; Evaporation accounts for up to 70 to 80% of heat loss from a swimming pool. A single Ecosavr contains the liquid solar swimming pool cover which automatically floats to the surface of the pool and acts as an evaporation inhibitor, much as a conventional solar blanket performs, except a lot easier to use. Our key ingredient is a non-toxic chemical called Heatsavr , it's been in use since 1991 and has a proven track record commercially. We packaged it to facilitate its application for the residential swimming pool owner. Heatsavr is filter friendly, does not affect the chemical balance (PH, chlorine, alkalinity) of the water, will not damage vinyl liners or any other pool surfaces, and is absolutely harmless to skin contact. Simply snip the fin where indicated and toss "Eco" in.

Ecosavr will save energy in EVERY heated pool, but heat cost savings vary according to the hours of swimmer use per day, pool design and equipment and especially the type and cost of fuel used.

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